Sunday Morning (prod by ChansliN)

from by NDMC

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Devil will feed me temptations until the day I will die
Wants me to break God’s hold on me, and deny he’s alive
Sometimes I look up to the skies, thankful to be alive
I often don’t realize it, so I’m praying out loud
From Genesis to Revelations, the truth will never lie
So Imma keep it next to me, and look for it every time

Take me to jail or the lions; I’ll still rise as a second
Christ’s love and word are real, it surely ain’t a legend

When it comes about love, we more likely to offer than receive
That’s the beauty of it, be thankful for what you give
I put my pride down, I realize I ain’t gon last
If I continue that way, I’mma join the hell fast

If you don’t watch my back, we’ll never see eye to eye
I’m not looking for any beefs, but along, we can’t ride

And I’m pushin’ it so far y’all
All those rappers talk trash, let ‘em finish in the junkyard

I’m a sinner, seen them sinning every time and everywhere
Sin reflects in what you hear and also what you wear

God forgives, but never forgets,
I never forgive and never forget
God is Love, human is hate
But still God controls the fates
Work in me, Lord, I don’t want any bitterness left
Wanting to be worthy to come home, I’ll see your tenderness

Pain from down here is marginal I should know that
But what matters the most is what happens after death shuts my light
Heaven is real, we deny it but it’s sure as hell
Some want to shut the lights and hide the truth so they can’t tell

We all have the sun’s destiny, we are born to shine,
With the word of the Maker, all along with his light

Money ain’t a good adviser, it doesn’t get you wiser
All it does is bringing pain, because it ain’t a lifer
Now I’m ready to race, from the bottom I start
I might be down for this time, but I’m raising the bar

All I ever asked is to be… grown
All I ever need is to be… strong
Most of ‘em rappers try to live long
But it ain’t A$AP, let’s get it on
Lame people try to cut my rhymes with blades
But still my black ink isn’t gonna fade
Got time to think, no more time to waste
Those are my rhymes you’re gon taste
A bit of Bitterness in it, but still truth
If you don’t change, you gon’ lose
Hard knocks killin’ my vibe bro
God still here to help me back bro,
See and tell the good rhymes, God’s always on time, because He owns spot, bro
Seek and search the whole truth and you will not lose, this ain’t a lie, bro


from Coming In - EP, released December 18, 2013
ChansliN, Ootaran



all rights reserved


NDMC Lyon, France

Rapper/Writer/Poet and Lyricist, member of the Infamous Gang Family
Amateur drummer and guitarist

"Coming In" - EP, released on 12/18/13

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